April 15, 2015

The Connecticut 2nd Amendment Suppression Relief Initiative

Alpha Dog Silencers

Alpha Dog Silencers CT 2nd Amendment Suppression Relief Initiative

Alpha Dog Silencers Alpha 9

The Alpha Dog Silencers Alpha 9 suppressor with pouch, tool and owners manual




Alpha Dog Silencers {quietly} supports those who’ve endured the painful assault on their Second Amendment Rights in their home state of Connecticut by announcing “The Connecticut 2nd Amendment Suppression Relief Initiative”. As part of the initiative, CT residents have the opportunity to purchase an Alpha Dog “Alpha 9” (9mm pistol suppressor) with significant rebates. The Alpha 9 is being offered for a limited time and in limited quantities for $750, which INCLUDES the $200 tax stamp and $150 transfer fee!


The following are the programs conditions:

  1. Must be a Connecticut State resident.
  2. Must be legally allowed to possess and own firearms including NFA weapons.
  3. Must provide a copy of their CT pistol permit and Trust paperwork (if applicable) at time of purchase.
  4. Must “LIKE” the Alpha Dog Silencers Facebook
  5. Must share the promotion Facebook post on Facebook, Instagram or web link via email.
    1. For email shares, you must bcc sales@alphadogsilencers.com.
  6. Limit one (1) per customer.


To partake in the initiative, buyers need to send an email to sales@alphadogsilencers.com with a subject line of “CT Pro 2A Supporter.” Email body must include the purchasers contact info (physical address, email address and phone number), copy of CT pistol permit, copy of Trust paperwork (if applicable). An Alpha Dog representative will contact you with final arrangements for you purchase.


  1. Chris behrmann

    I live in ct very interested in getting one. What’s the rating running it dry.

    • abethlenfalvy

      Thanks for your inquiry regarding Db rating when using our suppressor dry. Our Db testing has has yielded a range of 122.5 – 127 Db when run dry (with an average of 124 Db).

      A few notes about our testing:
      Our testing was conducted with a variety of hosts (including a Glock G19, Sig P239 Tactical and S&W M&P9), as well as, a variety of ammo brands (all 148 grain). We did not exclude “first round pop” with our Db reporting. We also performed our testing at a different ranges which had varying terrain, at different times of the year when atmospheric conditions varied. All of these variables have an effect on Db’s so we felt it important to provide give a broad perspective on Db’s rather than only reporting a best case scenario like many competitors.

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