November 3, 2014

Alpha Dog Silencers “Alpha 9” pistol suppressor Sound Testing

We’ve gone through numerous rounds of testing and revisions over the past few months and have achieved our pistol suppressor goals for decibel reduction, accuracy, weight and usability.  As many know, we’ve been reluctant to release Db reduction numbers as we are firm believers that there are too many factors which affect them. For this reason, we offer the above video with the following details about the testing conditions in an effort to be completely transparent on how the numbers where achieved.

Test Shooting conditions = 80 degree F; Wind SSW @ 5MPH; Humidity 69%; Barometric pressure 1023.9 MB; Altitude 750 Ft.; Terrain Flat 125M range in wooded area w/  railroad tie backstop @ 25 meters.  Bruel & Kjaer 2209 sound meter with Type 1613 Octave Filter set using Type 4166 Condenser Microphone.  Meter was calibrated immediately prior to field testing.

MAX Db reduction was 121Db!!!!


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